We've Come a Long Way

I started this blog in 2004 before most people knew what a blog was. I certainly wasn’t familiar with the concept. I just knew what I wanted to do: the purpose of the blog was to chronicle my bicycle tour across the United States. I wanted to share writing and photos with friends and family. I bought a domain and wrote some patched-together code. Everything worked just fine.

I made a big update to the site before my second big tour in 2006, but continued to use custom bits of code instead of mainstream blog software. I guess I just wanted it to be simple and different. I even avoided calling it a blog, preferring “journal” instead.

After my 2006 trip across the country, the site came down, and it stayed dormant for a number of years. Over that time, I received numerous requests to revive it. So I did. Finally.

Well, sort of: it’s a work in progress. You’ll notice that I’ve only completed reviving the 2004 tour (I’m working on the 2006 tour, along with some smaller, more recent tours). You’ll also perhaps notice that I’m running WordPress to power the blog. WordPress is so powerful and easy to use that I finally gave up my old code. I also gave up the original design and layout (I’m still contemplating whether to revive some of the look and feel of the original site). I have plans to add more content shortly (mostly photos), so stay tuned.

I’d like to thank everyone who has visited this blog over the years, and especially those of you who have encouraged me to bring it back from the dead. Enjoy!

Soon: Southern Oregon Tour 2010

Next up is the addition of some short journal entries to accompany these photos from my solo bike tour in 2010. The ride was about a week long, and tested my new touring setup: an amazing new bike built by my friends at Signal Cycles, and some new gear, including a Burley Nomad trailer.

Two Riders

  • This is the journal of two trans-continental bicyclists. It was originally built in 2004 by Mickey Deagle.
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