Black River State Park, Florida

Gene took us to De Funiak Springs. Said our goodbyes, put on sunscreen, and rode around the historic city.

Headed out on Hwy. 90, our near constant companion. After a short while it started to rain. Was raining and cold and windy all the rest of the day. The traffic was heavy and there were a couple of construction projects going.

Got to the campground just before dark. It was full. The guy at the booth told us about a primitive area nearby. It was free. No table or any facility. Then he remembered that a woman who had reservations for the weekend had just called to cancel. HE said that we could take her spot and there would be no charge as she had already paid for it.

We went to the restrooms and waited for about 1/2 an hour for it to stop raining. When it did, we set up tents and took a shower. Water was, as in all state parks in Florida, tepid. We bought wood, but had a very difficult time starting a fire. I got it sort of going about the time Mickey finished making dinner. We stood in the rain and ate. Eventually we went to the restrooms to finish eating out of the rain. The fire got going great after we got in our tents.