El Paso, Texas

We rode to San Elizario to meet the Odoms. The town is rich with history: it was once south of the Rio Grande and part of Mexico, but it became part of the United States when the great river changed its course. We toured the museum with the family. Gene suggested that we throw our gear the back of the truck and ride unloaded with him into El Paso. Janette and the boys would take the truck back. But first, we had lunch at a mexican restaurant. It was a small, dirty establishment, but the cheap food was authentic. Very tasty.

The winds were gross. We were being thrown across the shoulder of the road by strong gusts. There were puffs of brown dust suspended in the air around us. We were glad we weren’t hauling our heavy luggage.

We made it across town to the RV park through heavy traffic. We were able to relax and enjoy the vast Franklin Mountains and the light blue sky. Lazily, we visited and marveled at the miles we have traveled. Tomorrow we will take a day off at go to Juarez. We have earned it.