Franklinton, Louisiana

70 mile day began with a nice visit and cup of coffee with Nella Ruth. She told us about her experiences with the hurricane Katrina.

My tire was flat on the rear wheel when we awoke. I pumped it up 3 or 4 times before we got to the first town where we fixed the flat in front of a Dollar General.

Moderate traffic, mostly tailwind today. Lots of broken and uprooted trees as well as damaged roofs from the storm.

Got food at Franklinton and started to backtrack to motel. A man waved us down guessing where we were headed. The hotel was full of relief workers. The guy was pastor of his church. He was standing out in front. Pastor Stan offered us a room in the church. He took us to another building across the street for showers. When I asked him the Laundromat was open in town, he offered to take our clothes home to be washed.