Navasota, Texas

The riding has become hilly, which, in my opinion, is a pleasant change. I can admire the surroundings at varying speeds, watching a fence post crawl by and then a stand of oaks race past in a blur.

We hit the town of Navasota in the late afternoon. We were expecting a more interesting town. It has a small-town look, but with none of the friendliness and warmth that so many tiny towns along our route embrace.

We were on our way out of town to the city RV park when we happened to spot a large pavilion on a grassy hill. It was the city park, a large abandoned plot of land on the edge of town. We checked it out and found it to be a perfect place to set up a couple of tents. It is nice to have free lodging now and then to offset the overpriced campgrounds we have been paying for.

I prepared another cold dinner in anticipation of us running our of fuel. We are getting close.