Suwannee Music Park, Florida (Rest Day)

Poured most of the night. We were soaked in the the morning. Hung our stuff and waited. Accuweather said it would be clear at 2:00. Decided to pack up and leave wet or dry at that time. We were packed and ready when the rain started in earnest. We were getting wet even under the picnic table cover. Accuweather changed the clearing time twice more, the last for 4:00. We knew that was too late for us to start. Decided to stay put another night.

Did laundry, read, got organized. Mickey updated web page. I dried the sleeping bags in the dryer and also the tents. Hung the footprints and the flies.

Mickey went to the store as we were out of food. (Goreburger for lunch!) Store was closed at the campground. He went down the road to our last store and bought 3 cans: chicken and dumplings, peas and applesauce. Put the first two together along with my rosemary and English thyme. MAT, baby!1 Slurped the applesauce out of the jar in turn. Oh, and he bought a 6-pack of Heineken.

The Pickin’ Shed had a group of very old people come in while we were drying stuff. It’s a good sized building and was perfect for our endeavors. But these people needed to play music. There were 3 guitars (4 in time), one bass, a mandolin. They took turns playing songs. When they made it around, they asked me if I’d like to do one. Would have preferred to play a guitar, but I sang “Amanda.” Took my turn for the next 3 rounds, then made dinner and turned in.

1. "Makes a turd," i.e. not much culinary value.