Van Cleave, Mississippi

Packed up wet today. The usual overcast and windy. Not too cold though. Early on we had a 10 mile bridge crossing. Very blustery. Toward the end we met Fred and Joe, the first tourers from the west. They were doing the route in 4 weeks! Liars! Huge days, very little stuff, sleeping indoors.

After the bridge we got to see a rare bit of blue sky. After a morning break to buy food and other stuff we needed, we rode hard for several hours. Did the last 30 just before dark in two and a half hours. Very heavy traffic all day. Almost all pickups with one person in the vehicle. The riding would have been very enjoyable if not for the traffic. Another tailwind day.

One of the guys we met this morning was a doctor. He commiserated with Mickey and suggested taking regular doses of Tylenol. Success! Mickey felt WAY better today.

“Campground” was full. The proprietor offered us a cabin for the “same” price as camping: $36. We took it. Dried all of our stuff and stayed dry as it rained during the night.

72 miles today.