Silverthorne, Colorado

The ride into the Silverthorne area was very nice once we got on the bike path. The traffic is horrible. We are camped near a reservoir. It is of course raining. Apparently they weren’t lying when they said it is Colorado’s “monsoon season.”

At the campsite, we met a man named George who had a trailer with two huge solar panels on the roof. He was interested in my solar panel and we chatted for a bit. He had a doctorate in something hi-tech and had done post-doctorate work in radio astronomy–obviously a very bright man. The interior of his trailer was covered in wiring and voltage gauges. I asked him what he ran with all the energy he was collecting. He showed me an empty cooler. I was a bit confused. In addition to having a ridiculously elaborate setup for his cooler, apparently it wasn’t staying very cool, so he left in his car to go find ice. Hmm.

Yesterday, we stayed in Kremmling with four other cyclists. The traffic was bad, and the weather is not the best. I can’t wait to get out of the Rockies and on to the plains. Kansas sounds so cool. And flat.