Amistad National Recreation Area, Texas

Our map shows a beautiful oasis known as Amistad National Recreation Area. We rode through Del Rio and arrived there in the afternoon. A nice ride, although windy.

When we arrived in Del Rio, we looked for a Mexican restaurant. We had been hoping for some good Mexican food for a while. We asked one of the checkers at our grocery stop if she could recommend a place to get a taco. She pointed up the road, and we headed that way. Steve and I had very good fajitas at a small shack on the side of the road. There were fresh vegetables and rice and beans as well. Not too pricey. A spanish speaking staff. Excellent.

We turned off Interstate 90 and rolled towards the first of many campgrounds at Amistad. The dusty, gravel road led us to a spot on the Amistad Reservoir. We paid four dollars to stay. Steve spotted a plethora of shore birds in the mud near the water. I changed a flat tire, which had been slowly leaking air for a week. The stars were bright. Not a sound in the air except for a breeze out of the west.