Brackettville, Texas

Our ride was long. We started the day in a big hole. The climb out was a big one. Traffic was sparse and people were friendly. We rolled into Bracketville with time to spare. As I was buying groceries, Steve was asking locals if there was a place to stay in town. One man, the owner of an RV park, invited us to stay for free at his establishment. We found the park on Alibi Hill just outside of town. We set up our tents in a deteriorating gazebo and headed to the restaurant and bar next door.

We had a couple of Shiner Bocks and spoke with a few of the locals. Heading back to our tents, I planned dinner. We had sauteed vegetables and scrambled eggs in tortillas. The wind is becoming more noticeable. The flags strung to the pole outside of the Alibi Hill RV park were as stiff as if they had been starched, and they were pointing east.