Florida Caverns State Park, Florida

Very cold night. In the low 30s when we awoke. Rode 3 miles to a truck stop. Had a breakfast sandwich at a Subway and a big cup of coffee. My feet still had no feeling when we were ready to leave.

Warmed up nicely as we rode. Good surfaces, frequent tailwinds for the first day, and pretty light traffic. Crossed time zone line. Rode a fairly easy 72 miles. Mickey’s knee still hurts him and he walks with a big limp, but the pain is much less than the last few days.

Mickey got a haircut in Quincy. His barber had been cutting hair for 50 years. His name was Master. He said he joined the Air Force in 1951. Had to be in his 70s. Judging by the cuts on Mick’s neck, Master has lost his touch. OK haircut and shave though.

It is warm tonight! Predicted low is 46° — tropical!

Had barred owls in the campground well before dark and after dark. Very loud call. Also saw several armadillos.