Palo Verde, California

I got up at 5:30. The wind had been howling all night and it was supposed to blow big today. The flags were still. Woke Mickey and we went to the kitchen for a big breakfast. Went fast since we could cook several things at the same time.

Figured we could get 20 miles done before the winds hit, maybe 30 if lucky. Got in nearly 60 before 1:00. Winds finally hit us, but we did another 23.

Primitive campground on Colorado River. I took a bath in it as soon as we arrived. Finally talked Mickey into joining me. As he was getting out he realized he had his phone in his pocket. Immediately took it apart to dry out. We’ll see if it works tomorrow.

Called Maureen earlier. She is excited to meet us and will help us out with bike boxing and airport transportation.