Harcuvar, Arizona

We decided in the morning, against our better judgement, to buy breakfast instead of having our morning ritual of coffee and oatmeal. The glow of the golden arches across the street from the RV park must have worked some evil hypnosis in my sleep; I had a craving for those rubbery, perfectly round discs they sold as pancakes. I am not sure why. Even the thought of McDonald’s coffee was passing through my head as not entirely repulsive.

We packed our things and headed across the busy highway to the establishment that boasts “billions and billions served”. Maybe that’s why I wanted a McDonald’s breakfast: there was no preparation to be sure, but more importantly, I wanted to belong. I wanted to be part of the billions who called themselves part of the McDonald’s family. A good pal of Ronald himself. That slogan is flawed, of course. You can’t count me every time I come in and order a cheeseburger. It should say “millions served thousands of times” or “millions served and average of 1539.7 times” or “we’ve probably served you before”. I wonder what it would be like to enter a McDonald’s for the first time.

I snapped out of my McHypnosis with a cup of coffee. We reviewed the map and decided we would ride about sixty miles today. I checked the weather last night and saw that we were in for warm weather and moderate wind. We finished our pancakes and set off. The scenery was dull. Distant mountains and small shrubs. Flat, straight road.

From Steve:

No proprietor at the RV park in Harcuvar. Mickey called him. He us to camp anywhere (for $10) and to make ourselves at home. Had a kitchen, 2 refrigerators, stove, utensils, etc. Nice covered and walled patio with lights. Good shower. Cooked up a nice dinner. Leftovers for breakfast.

Called Mom. She told me Maureen lives in San Diego now! Got her number.