Wickenburg, Arizona

Nice sunrise. Saw Amy leaving before sun-up. She was going to try and make Wickenburg.

Started with an 8 mile coast, 5 back to the route. Tailwind almost all day, but very gentle. 60 miles of cycling through Phoenix and the 10 or so towns attached. Very pleasant with good surfaces and mostly bike paths. Once it went for 8 and a half miles. After leaving the city we biked 35 more miles for a 95 mile day. I’m tired and sore. Last 25 or so was on very bad pavement, slightly uphill. Same crappy surface we finished on yesterday: Hwy. 60. On it all day tomorrow. It has huge cracks about every 10 feet that jar your teeth as you ride over them.

In an RV park that’s $10. Hot shower.

From Mickey:

As much as Steve complained about my decision to ride off route to the campground last night, he agreed the ride back was very pleasant. We began our day with a gentle downhill into quiet suburbs in Mesa. Traffic was non-existent. Every home had a gravel front yard with a variety of succulent plants, very often a twenty foot cactus. There were birds living in holes in the larger cactus.