Berea, Kentucky

We hit Springfield yesterday after another good ride. We had the dinner buffet at a cheap Italian restaurant and overate significantly. We slept in the city park, called “Idle Hour Park.” We have been making big days, around seventy miles, and plan on reaching Yorktown around the 28th of August.

We are in Berea, a small college town. A dry college town. These poor students have to drive fifteen miles to get a glass of beer. We ate at a restaurant recommended to us by my cousin, Melissa, who lived in the area for a year. We drank Pepsi. The food was great. The town has some historic buildings, one of which is the church we are camped in front of. The ride was pleasant today, with rollercoaster hills alternately surrounded by dense deciduous forest and verdant pastures.

Earlier today, Shannon found a pumpkin growing on the side of the road, and I strapped it to my bike. This drew strange looks all day. We had planned on eating the giant squash with some corn we borrowed from a field this morning, but the final consensus was to carve it instead. I did my best at poking out the shape of a bicycle, and Shannon provided the candle, left over from his birthday. Presently, we are three tents cast on the grass of a church courtyard, dimly lit by a jack-o-lantern perched atop a pile of nearby rocks.