Hindman, Kentucky

We stumbled across the Hindman Settlement School by accident, and the director of the school let us stay on the lawn. We were invited to a function inside, and it turned out that we got to listen to a local Bluegrass band perform for a while. A lucky find. The following morning, we were invited to a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, fruit, coffee, etc. Several people at the school were interested in our trip, so we ate and told stories of our travels.

Yesterday, we stayed in Booneville at a church that had a bicycle area built into the back yard of the building. Steve and Shannon left an hour before I did from Berea while I did some computer work at a coffee shop. I arrived in Booneville first by several hours, though. They had taken a wrong turn and a ten mile detour through some bad gravel hollers. The riding had been blessed with some outstanding scenery, and I don’t think the wrong turn and extra miles made for any negative attitude, just sorer legs.