Blue River, Oregon

Tailwind was the word of the day for two days straight. On the bikes, we averaged around 17 miles per hour, a nice shove in the right direction. That makes up for the gross headwind we experienced at the coast. The last two days have been an easy ride, but the road gets steeper as we approach the Cascades. Yesterday, we met up with Steve’s friend Glen for a bit, then headed towards Coburg.

Today, we ended up at Blue River in a nice U.S. Forest Service campground, much nicer than the KOA we had to endure the night before. Having left my Oakley sunglasses at home, I was happy to see an aggressively styled pair of Oakley-like shades going for eight dollars at a market in Walterville. I jumped all over that.

I think Steve is feeling pretty good, although I smoke him on the hills. It is fun to ride with guys that are slower than you; now I know how Jay feels riding with me.