Ennis, Montana

Ennis is just on the other side of a mountain pass, so we were a bit tired coming into the campground. Just before the pass, we rode through two old mining towns, Virginia City and Nevada City. Both were preserved well and full of registered historical houses, and included neat buildings like an opera house, a blacksmith, and an old courthouse, as well as mining machinery and old railroad cars strewn through the town. Live music from an outdoor venue was the last we heard before the steep climb into the more modern Ennis.

Yesterday, we stayed in Dillon. The riding has been through vast valleys with little civilization. I have become more aware of the wildlife, and it seems to be getting more diverse and abundant. We keep running into other Trail riders, each with his own story, riding style, and account of the wind in Kansas. We, as a friend of mine told me, all have something in common because of this tour, and everyone we meet on the Trail is already an acquaintance.

Yellowstone National Park is approaching. We are going to slow our pace a bit through the park and travel much shorter days. Having never been there, and with the scenery already becoming more impressive, I can’t wait. No one we have talked to has said anything other than it is one of the great places on Earth.