Jackson, Montana

Steve and I pulled into Jackson after being assailed by swarms of mosquitos. The valley we traveled through was filled with meandering streams and bordered by the Bitterroot Mountains. We were covered in mosquitos, however, so the emphasis was on getting indoors. We rented a cabin at Jackson Hot Springs and watched the Tour de France from leather couches, drank a pitcher, and had pizza. The following morning it was back to oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches.

We have crossed paths with a group of riders who are also traveling the TransAmerica Trail. They are moving at about our pace, and fun to hang out with. We see them almost every day. Steve had doubts as to whether they could complete the tour, but has since changed his opinion, probably considering the fact that if anyone is going to complain about the difficulty of the terrain and head back home, it would be him.