Eureka, Kansas

We rolled into the city park just before dusk. We had planned a short day of riding, but ended up going to the next town on the map. The hills are becoming more pronounced, and I can feel the Ozarks approaching. We met a local gentleman, Brad, who was on a day ride. He ended up riding a stretch with us and kept us great company. We almost forgot about the headwind for a bit.

Yesterday I dropped off the dead camera at a repair shop, and bought a new one. I got a pretty good deal on it and, more importantly, it is waterproof. We couldn’t wait around for the diagnostic on the old one, so I’ll be in email contact with the repair shop; hopefully it will be fixed and mailed home. After resolving the camera issues, we passed an auto repair shop, and Steve suggested I ask if they could weld an eyelet back onto my frame. “No problem” was the answer, and Rex completed the task in a few minutes. They didn’t want my money, just for me to have a safe trip.

The weather is improving. Although humid, the temperature is moderate, and we haven’t seen lightning now in a couple of days. I know I’ll be longing for the days of overcast skies, but for now, the sun is welcome. The winds have shifted to a steady crosswind from the south.