Nickerson, Kansas

The rain has drenched everything we own. The camera I was carrying died due to condensation. Our tents are beginning to mold. None of our clothes are dry. It has rained nine inches in the last ten days.

Last night, the rain hit very quickly. We scrambled into Larned, and met up with another Trail rider. The three of us found a Boy Scout museum that we had heard about, and the curator allowed us to stay in a room in the back of the building. The following morning, because everything was still wet, we ate breakfast at a restaurant and moved on.

Nickerson would have been more enjoyable except I am trying to work through the logistics of either getting my camera repaired or buying a new one. The fog this morning kept everything wet. We are going off route a bit to find a camera repair shop. Hopefully we can also find a welder in town to fix part of my frame that broke a few days ago. We need a streak of good luck.