White Bird, Idaho

Yesterday was a bit of a climb through to New Meadows, where we stayed in the city park. We rode through my favorite small town so far: Council. The visitors’ center was friendly and let me connect to the internet there; I have been out of range of AT&T’s network, so the website updates are sparse. We hit up Council’s grocery store. It was cramped and the air smelled a bit stale, but it was run by a very nice lady and the food was cheap. It rained in New Meadows, a thunderstorm for the fourth day straight.

White Bird is a little town off the highway before a big mountain pass into Grangeville. We are in the laundry room of an RV park; there is a bad thunderstorm outside, and it’s not those pansy sprinkles we get in the valley. Stuff is flooding all over, and the thunder is deafening. At least the riding has been dry. So far.